Child Kidnapper Burnt Alive In Imo State

A notorious kidnapper, Osundu, aka Galaxy, and his gang got more than they bargained for at Umu-Ode, on October 4, 2016, as he was not only caught, but burnt alive by members of the community, The Sun reports. Galaxy had been a terror to the people as he specialized in the kidnapping of children for sale, an act he carried out for over five months.

Galaxy and members of his gang had a practice of visiting Umu-Ode Ezelu on the communities market day, when most people would have gone out, and particularly at such hours when there would probably be no adult person around to confront them.
They would then abduct any child they could see. But on that fateful day, they met their Waterloo, after they abducted the male child of a street trader, Mrs. Elesius Duru, and zoomed off. .

The woman raised an alarm that caught the attention of youths in the area and members of the Imo Security Network, who pursued the gang and caught them. .

The irate youths took custody of Galaxy and one of his members, and after questioning them, they instantly administered jungle justice by setting the duo ablaze, even before the police arrived at the scene. .

An indigene of the community explained that the youths took the decision because of their conviction that the duo would have been set free if they had been handed over to the police.

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