Way Forward for Nigeria in 2019 - Ahmed Makarfi a credible & outstanding Nigerian

As Nigerians looks forward to the 2019 electioneering year, the big question still remains as to who do Nigerians trust as the man for the future.

It is clearly evident that this country will need someone more of a super hero to restore the glory of Africa’s most populous country as a lot has to be done. Over the years we have been saddened with selfish leaders who have promised to raise this country to envious heights, Nigerians have themselves put a lot of tribal and religious sentiments when going to the polls to chose the right candidate to represent them and lead.

It is clear that Nigeria is experiencing one of its worst ever period with economical depreciation, ethnic and religious division with security challenges wearing and tearing the country. As such Nigerians can not be blind going to 2019 with pertinent issues at hand. The issues Nigeria faces today will only get worst if we select leaders who will come into power for selfish gains or for political witch-hunting. The country will need a selfless person who over time has also been tried and tested in various leadership capacity

Sen. Ahmed Makarfi is the only credible and outstanding Nigerian now that can lead the Country out of its present predicament, he was governor of Kaduna State between 1999 and 2007, Also Senator representing Kaduna north senatorial zone between 2007 and 2015 even as a former Caretaker Chairman of People’s Democrdatic Party, PDP he remained a detribalized Nigerian with qualities to be president in 2019.

In Kaduna state and the entire northern Nigeria, there is no single individual today that enjoys the goodwill more than Senator Ahmed Makarfi. The minority northern Christians love him for displaying rare leadership that is lacking among Nigeria’s elites by implementing policies and making utterances that unify and not those that further divide. The Muslims love him for displaying true Islamic virtue despite the fact that he isn’t a vocal proponent of Shari’a like other hypocritical leaders.

It is aslo rare in this part of the world to find a man or woman that held political positions of Governor and influential Senator for straight sixteen years without a SINGLE indictment for corruption. Ahmed Makarfi showed this rare trait that not even his traducers could pin him with anything. He is the only PDP Presidential Aspirant without indictment of graft as Governor, Senator, Chairman Senate Account Committee and former National Chairman, all within this present 4th republic.

Senator Makarfi has the reputation of providing favorable environment for people irrespective of ethnic group or religion, he also believes every stakeholder is key in the Nigeria project, these he displayed in all public positions he held in terms of appointment and service delivery. As governor of Kaduna state some of his remarkable achievements include; Transformation and Infrastructural development of Kaduna state which hasn’t been equaled, Accommodation and Appointment of Non-indegenes into his government. The people of Kaduna state and Middlebelt could testify to this.

Nigerians and PDP members will agree that it took the efforts and leadership of Senator Ahmed Makarfi to ensure the non collapse of PDP even when it appeared all hope was lost. He stood firm, showed willingness to give up his position as National Chairman for the sake of the party.

The question remains; Will Makarfi concede to people’s call? Most of those who have come out so far as Presidential candidate may afterall not be too Presidential enough to defeat the APC. Makarfi has the qualities. With the influence he used in moulding the PDP party back into reckoning, he can send the yet to be imploded APC to history’s dustbin.

It is my candid opinion that in view of the noble role played by Makarfi in rescuing the PDP coupled with his unblemished and sterling record of performance both as Kaduna State governor, Senator and caretaker chairman of the major opposition party, the Secondus led-NWC should give him a free and fair chance to fly its flag in 2019.

With no doubt Ahmed Makarfi would ensure the restructuring of Nigeria with immediate effect if he becomes president come 2019.

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